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First New Year's Eve Party in Billings, Huge Success

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The New Year is in full swing and Billings brought in 2014 like never before.

To say the Rockin' the Rims New Year's Eve party was unbelievable, would be an understatement. The crowd, the lights, the music, it all came together to make a truly memorable "Times Square" like party.

"It was unreal. We could not believe how many people showed up for this first time event. It was unreal," said Amanda Lechner, Events Director for Mack Productions, Inc.

The rain and snow showers earlier in the evening let up before gates opened and the months of planning paid off in a huge way.

"Probably five thousand people there. We don't have our final numbers in yet, we will tomorrow. But that's my estimated guess," said Lechner.

It was such a success, plans are already being made for next year's party; which is going to, imagine this, be even bigger and better.

"We plan on making this an annual event. Next year we would like to even have bands come. I think we can set up a stage and pump enough heat into it so that their equipment would stay warm enough."

With people everywhere you looked, businesses who decided to stay open later saw phenomenal numbers.

"Business was awesome last night. We had a New Year's Eve seven course dinner that we had reservations for and we booked up pretty good for that. Bar was busy from 4:30 till 2 o'clock in the morning," said Kayla Walters, Assistant Manager at the Northern Hotel's Ten.

Mack Productions plans on not only adding more live entertainment next year, but also is looking into expanding the party area significantly.