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Sandra Hawke: Retires and Cancer-Free

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A MetraPark fixture said goodbye after years of dedicated service.

2014 marked a true new beginning for Sandra Hawke. On Tuesday, Sandra stepped down as Marketing Director, and she learned she is cancer free after months of treatment. "Fortunately I got off cheap. I had the learning experience which was, 'Turn down the stress a bit old girl.' And, the other learning experience was, 'spend some time with your family.' My husband has been retired for six years. So, it's time to spend more time with him and spend time doing what we love," Hawke said.

Sandra said it's hard saying goodbye to MetraPark, but she's looking forward to retirement. "I've had a habit over the years that whenever I attend an event that has a round table with empty chairs, I'll go start a table and see who wants to sit with me. I'm kind of approaching retirement in that way. I'm going to go sit still for a moment, and see what comes my way and what opportunities arise," Sandra Hawke said.

Sandra said watching the community rebuild after the Father's Day tornado and grow over the years have been the two biggest highlights of her career. "There was this inherited attitude about Metra that it was this big box on the hill that you loved to hate. It should have been somewhere else, it had construction delays, that it doesn't have a football field. There was an endorsement in the community to pick on that beast, and the tornado changed that. The attitude of the county commissioners and the staff the very next morning was, 'We're going to raise the roof, and we're going to make it better and better than ever," Hawke said.

Sandra said during retirement, she plans to enroll in the Livestrong Program at the YMCA, and help others living with cancer. During Sandra Hawke's time at MetraPark, she served under three different bosses. Even though Tuesday marked her end at Metrapark, she plans to keep in touch.