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New Officers Sworn In

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The Billings Police Department welcomes two new officers to the force.

Jeffrey Richter and Brandon Johnson have had their sights set on being officers for many years, and today that dream became a reality. The two newest members of the department will head to the police academy in Helena for training.

Chief Rich St. John is thrilled to add two more members to the team.

"For these two gentlemen, they've worked very hard getting through a very, very stringent and strict process. It speaks very highly of their integrity and their character. I look forward to getting them back from the academy and through training, and then out on their own," said Chief St. John.

"I've been actively applying for a few departments in about the last year and a half, two years. So, now here I am getting a great opportunity, and I'm excited about this," said Richter.

"I'm anticipating just learning a lot by participating in the next year. So, I'm learning everything I can and being able to learn from it and use it," said Johnson.

Chief St. John says the new officers will complete training and be out on the streets in seven to eight months.