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New Years Resolutions Are Fast Approaching

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The New Year is fast approaching, and Granite Health and Fitness Membership Manager, Julia Schwartz, said it's a perfect time to shed those holiday calories.

"They do. They've seen that they've put on weight over the past couple months, and so they really want to try to get a gym membership and try to get things changing," Schwartz said.

But some people, like University of Montana student, Eric Nell, are busy getting a jumpstart on their fitness.

"I've got general weight loss goals. Lose some of the fat. Make myself look a little better in a swimsuit. Everybody's general new years resolution goal," said Nell.

Nell said the sense of accomplishment is pushing him harder to achieve his resolutions.

"When I was younger, I was always kind of insecure with my weight, and I mean I'd see my friends who were more fit in a swimsuit and stuff like that, and it looked like, I don't want to say more enjoyable, it looked like a life that I would want more than being the bigger kid in class, " Nell said.

Schwartz said whether you start in January or October, seeing results is all about a balance between fitness and nutrition.

"Put it in your mind what you want to do, and it doesn't have to be a huge goal, but definitely set goals. Tell people about your goals and don't give up on it, because it is definitely possible."

Nell said the first hurdle he has to jump over is eating healthier.