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MSUB Grant to Help Social Security Disability Beneficiaries

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Montana State University Billings is receiving a grant, which will help social security disability beneficiaries secure jobs. The Social Security Administration and Montana Center for Inclusive Education are working together on the project.

"I had a brain hemorrhage when I was six years old and fell into a coma and when I came out I was completely blind, completely paralyzed on my right side and also my short term memory," said Susan Bahm, a Work Incentives Planning and Assistance (WIPA) project client. "So it's been a long time coming back."

The program helps people with disabilities re-enter the workforce. Since MSU Billings got the grant to help social security disability beneficiaries in August, Bahm visits Tiffany Costa at the university weekly for career and benefits counseling.

"With my disability, I have a hard time coping with social security and the confusing wording and the confusing different aspects of it and they've helped me just take it step by step and to know that I'm not alone," Bahm said.

The program helps people navigate social security disability programs. More than 40 clients have gotten on board.

"It helps them a lot," said Tiffany Costa, community work incentive coordinator. "They know if they get a letter from social security or if their wages change at work, they know they can call here so a lot of folks continue to use this service regularly."

Bahm is employed and said this program helped her get to this point.

"It's given me my freedom back," she said. "It's given me a piece of just being able to give back, a piece of what I was blessed with in the past and to be able to help others in whatever way possible."

The program is offered throughout Montana. The Montana Center for Inclusive Education also connects clients with other community resources. If you would like additional information on the program, you can call 406-657-2098 or email