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Consumers Shop After Christmas Deals

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Traditionally, the day after Christmas is a big shopping day. Retailers say after Christmas sales draw people because they can use their gift cards and Christmas money, and because people make returns and exchanges.

"We got gift cards for Christmas and so we're just, you know, shopping," said Sarah Wetsch.

Despite a slow start to shopping before Christmas, retailers expect a high turnout for post-Christmas sales.

"Post-Christmas is going to be a lot of you know exchanges and returns and gift cards and that kind of stuff," said Tyson Bontrager, Journey's store manager. "Pre-Christmas is a lot more, making sure everybody gets what they have on their list. People come in with a big list. We try to help them cross as much things as they can off of it here instead of having them go everywhere."

Nearly all stores have sales, offering more bang for your buck, from 60 percent off at GAP, to the semi-annual sale at Bath and Body Works. Some shoppers were drawn in by the sales.

"I'm going to look for a new jacket, and some pants, and a new purse," said Mary Lou Heiken, a shopper. " I have some coupons and usually this is a good day to get a good bargain. And I have a friend that's a really good shopper and so she came with me."

Best Buy has deals on hot tech items like discounts on tablets, Samsung phones and TVs.

"We're here spending Christmas money," said Carla Alden, who was shopping at Best Buy with her son. "He wants an iPad Air so that's what we're here doing."

Some stores also have extended shopping hours.