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Family Celebrates Corny Tradition

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For many, Christmas is about friends, family, and tradition.

Most people send cookies, cards, or even poinsettias, but not these folks. In 2013, Don and Bernice Bjertness are getting corn and carols by the Magic City Singers. "We could not believe it. We could not believe friends would think of this and do it, and it has just been making us laugh. We have just laughed. I have never had a Christmas where I have laughed so much," Bernice said.

Nearly six years ago, Don and Bernice started a corny prank that's living on today. The couple sent pieces of corn stalk through the mail to Roy Zimmerman, after his corn blew over to their property. In 2013, the Zimmerman family retaliated with 12 corny days of Christmas. "It has been so much fun. This is a wonderful family, but they're crazy. They think of all these weird things, but this has to just end, because there is no way we could ever top this," Bernice said.

Roy's sister-in-law, Pam Before, said it's great finding new ways to spread the Christmas cheer. "It's great. We love this. It's a small town feeling in the biggest city in Montana, but we have the small-town feeling. It's neighbors looking out for each other and doing funny stuff. It's just nice to live in a community where you have good friends," Pam said.

Pam said they have been caroling at noon outside Don and Bernice's house for 12 days. She said with the last day of corny carols, they will need to start thinking how to make the next Christmas even cornier.