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Non-profit Gives Computers Away for Free

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Computers 4 kids is a non-profit organization that refurbishes computers, and has been serving the Billings community since 2001.

On Monday, the group had their C4K 3rd Annual Christmas Computer Giveaway at Rimrock GMC KIA.

Santa jingled his way into Billings, while volunteers with Computers 4 Kids handed out free passes for computers.

Volunteer, Quincy Nussbaum said, "Every single one of them has a huge smile on their face because everybody wants a computer. Everybody deserves a computer especially there's no reason not to have one."

Computer recipient, Anita Gonzalez came out to get a computer for her 7-year-old daughter.

"I don't necessarily have to give her a computer for Christmas, but to tell her you know she gets one is going to be amazing," Gonzalez said.

Volunteer, Quincy Nussbaum said the goal is to get computers to kids who can't afford them because you can't go to school without a computer.

"My favorite part about this is seeing how happy people are when they act the computers, and everybody they... and they'll start telling us why they need the computer and how come their kids need the computers," Nussbaum said.

Gonzalez said giving back is what the holiday season is all about, and she can't wait until Christmas day to tell her daughter about her gift.

"It will make her year. She'll be so excited to have her own computer and to get to learn and be up to speed with the rest of the kids in her class, and always have that experience," Gonzalez said.

The organization did not give away all of its computers, and is organizing another drive in early 2014.