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Cody Labs Expansion

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CODY, Wyo. -

A huge plant expansion and a hundred new jobs may be in the future for Cody. Project proponents pitched the idea to Wyoming's governor Thursday. They're asking for financial help from the state.

The old empty Walmart building on Yellowstone Avenue turned into Cody Labs in 2000, when a Texas entrepreneur decided to start manufacturing drugs there. In 2007, Lannett Company acquired Cody Labs. Now they want to build a much larger facility in the North Cody Industrial Park. Economic development director James Klessens says that means more jobs.

Klessens said, "We'll be looking at adding an additional 100 people by the end of 2018."

Klessens, company, and community representatives took the idea to the Governor in Cheyenne Thursday. They were asking for infrastructure funding from the state.

He explained, "The Ask that we are proposing through our local legislative body and delegation is an appropriation of 24.4 million dollars."

$21 million of that Ask would be a loan to the company, Klessens says. While they didn't bring home a check, he said, "We got great questions from the governor, great questions from the treasurer."

Cody Chamber Director Scott Balyo said, "Anytime you have a chance to have a homegrown opportunity with this type of company that's already here, take this type of leap in expansion. Grow it's operations, be able to hire people, I don't see a lot of downside. It's a great opportunity."

Balyo said some people have expressed concerns about a picturesque tourist town adding manufacturing, but he is not concerned.

He said, "Because it's such light manufacturing, it really is a good fit."

Klessens presented the expansion plan to city and county leaders recently. He says they supported the idea. The new plant, like the old one, will be producing prescription pain medications.