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Victory Bell Donated to Cancer Center

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The Billings Clinic Cancer Center now has its very own victory bell. It's rung when cancer patients finish their last treatment. Former cancer patient Susan Pilcher says she'd heard of victory bells at other cancer centers and wanted to see one at Billings Clinic. She's been working for several months to have the bell placed at the cancer center. It was installed on the 1st anniversary of the end of her cancer treatment. Susan says, "This is just something that really burned in my heart while I was going through the last days of my radiation and felt as though I needed to celebrate with those that were on the same journey as I , the nurses, the doctors, all the people that I saw every single day that comforted me in my worst hour of darkness."

Susan says she wanted to hoop and holler at the end of her treatment. The bell is a way for people to celebrate their end of their cancer treatment and to give hope to those still going through treatment.