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12 Scams of Christmas

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We all know the "12 Days of Christmas," but the Better Business Bureau wants to warn you about the "12 Scams of Christmas."

These are common cons and frauds such as malware e-cards which are viruses, Trojans and malware hidden in what looks like an electronic holiday card. You open it, and it attacks your computer.

The "Grandparent Scam" is when you get a call or e-mail that says your grandchild was hurt or robbed overseas and needs you to wire money.

Counterfeit gifts is another popular scam. Low prices on luxury goods that are too good to be true because they are.

An oldie but goodie is fake charities. They pretty upon your end-of-year-giving. You give but the only ones who get are the con-artists.

Believe it or not pickpockets still like to work their magic during the holiday season when you are shopping and magically make your money disappear.

Watch out for stolen gift cards, make sure you're buying from reputable dealers and stores.

Another holiday standard is fake coupons. Make sure you download them from the retailer's real website.

What says the holidays more than Santa? Make sure if you're getting a letter addressed to your child directly from Santa, they are not stealing the information for identity theft.

There are many bogus websites out there as well that mimic a real one.

People also like to get away for the holidays so be on the lookout for travel scams. Make sure you never wire money to someone you don't know.

Just like travel, people don't want to be alone during the holidays so they are looking for love and romance. If that online sweetheart asks for money, you should be wary.

One that is a traditional rip-off is the puppy scam. Puppy mills turn out many dogs with problems or you may not get the true breed you are paying for.