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Church Helps Families in Need

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St. Thomas the Apostle Church is working on a project with 19 local elementary schools. The volunteers are putting together Christmas baskets for underprivileged families.

The church sent a letter to local schools asking families if they needed help during the holidays, and a total of 151 families responded.

Coordinator of the Food Basket and Gift Program, Barb Lawson said, "We've had families over the years that say, ‘you know we're okay with food, if you could help us with presents, that would be really good, and give that food to somebody else who really needs it.'"

Inside, every box is filled with something different. This family needed more food than gifts, and this family needed more gifts than food.

Garbage bags are overflowing and ready to give to families, partly because every child gets two gifts.

Volunteer Bev Gormley said, "One something that they really need is like snow boots or a jacket, and then a toy or something that they'd like to have."

If you're wondering how they're able to do this, a $25,000 grant received this year is a big help.

"People will come and say, ‘I'll take two families. I'll take three families.' And go to their car, and go deliver them. And these same boxes will have a map in them that tell us exactly where that house is," said Gormley.

Students were asked not to write down electronics, furniture, or snowboards.