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New Federal Judge No Stranger to Billings

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Montana will soon be welcoming a new federal judge who also happens to be a familiar face in the Billings community.

Susan Watters showed a mix of emotions; everything from happiness to sorrow.

"I've been on the state bench sixteen years, and I'm kind of ready for a change. In addition to starting my new job, I feel a little sad to leave the people here in the Yellowstone County Courthouse," Watters said.

That change leads to the federal courthouse. A new challenge, but also an exciting opportunity. Not everybody receives approval from the President of the United States.

"Pretty humbling. And also, it just makes you feel great. If you've worked hard and tried to do the right thing, which I have through my career, I think. It's just really nice to be rewarded and recognized for that with an appointment like this."

Watters who will become the first female federal court judge in Montana, says a core group of simple but strong principles always has and will continue to lead her moving forward on the federal bench.

"I think, just my philosophy is that people want someone who is fair as their judge. And they want someone, who I think, will hand down a decision and then they can understand the reasoning, analysis, logic behind that decision. They may not agree with it, but they can maybe understand how I got where I got."

Watters is waiting for final confirmation from the President. Once that happens, she will be sworn in on Thursday, December 19th and hear her first case in January.