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Paying It Forward This Holiday Season

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It's the season of giving, and there are several people "paying it forward" by paying for the person in the drive through behind them.

The cold weather may slow people down, but that hasn't stopped the generosity in their hearts.

Laurel's City Brew Manager, Vanessa Petrik said, "I mean it's anybody ... it doesn't have to be you know someone that you know or anything ... it's just people paying it forward."

Petrik said the non-stop record of people paying for the car behind them for their coffee stop is around 42 vehicles.

There was one customer who wanted to thank the driver in front of her, and was set on finding the person who paid for her order.

"And I explained to her…she was from Washington. She wasn't even from here... she was one of our every day customers. She came in the next day, and goes are you sure you don't know that gal? Did she know me? And I'm like no, Carol. She was just being nice," said Petrik.

But, it's not just for coffee cups. McDonald's General Manager, Ashley Lage said she's amazed at how thoughtful people are around the holidays.

"Last week I think was the biggest ... and the gentleman actually paid for everyone behind him ... from him to the order point … so I think it was like 5 or 6 cars," Lage said.

The reward to paying it forward is feeling great.

"And it's always nice... you know being the person to tell the customer… oh the guy in front of you paid for your order," said Lage.

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