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Seniors Relying on More Assistance

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Nearly 13 percent of Montana seniors are facing the threat of hunger due to health problems, poverty, limited mobility or isolation.

In Billings, the senior population is growing fast, and more seniors are relying on problems like Meals on Wheels. Five days a week, Billings senior Anna Mae Dyce receives meals, after she got her pacemaker and stent. Anne mae said she feels so fortunate for the 85 volunteers, dropping off meals around the city. "I think about them all the time, because I can't get out there and drive either. I know it's not an easy job for them, and I certainly do appreciate it," Dyce said.

Meals on Wheels organizers say there's so much more that goes into the program, than just the ingredients. "It's amazing what they do in a volunteer position. It's hard work on a ten below day to be out on those slick streets to be in and out of those homes 18 to 20 times. They do it all for the feeling that they get," Meals on Wheels, Director, Jaime Carpenter said.

Carpenter said volunteers prepare nearly 200 meals a day for seniors in need. Even though baking starts at 5:30 AM, Jaime said it's the best feeling in the world. "Sometimes when you look at the types of jobs you can do, this is one of the best. You get to see folks, and meet the needs to help them provide for themselves. Of course, it feels great to be involved in a program like that," Carpenter said.

Carpenter said the recipients typically pay $4.00 per meal, but a donation is not required. She said frozen meals can be provided in advance, for weekends and holidays if needed. At this time, the Meals on Wheels program does not need any drivers. But, if you would like to contribute to the cause, you can dial 406-259-9666.