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Treats for Teachers

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A Newman Elementary School counselor wins a grant from a national contest, but some would say the kids were the real winners.

Orange Julius at Dairy Queen gave out Dilly Bars as part of a reward for winning an essay contest.

Karen Severeide came up with the idea, and Terry Booth, an intern from MSU-B, wrote the essay, which had to be 149 words. That's equal to the cost of an Orange Julius at $1.49.

Karen says the grant money will go to help local schools.

"So, we won one-thousand four hundred and ninety dollars, and what we're going to do is develop a library of books for all of the elementary students here in Billings that we can share from school to school," said Severeide.

Karen also says she is extremely grateful to have received the grant with counseling budgets being so tight.