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Christmas Bundles Ready for Kids

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Blankets and Bears, a local organization, is getting ready to distribute Christmas gift bundles to 400 kids in need.

Volunteers came out to pack up the teddy bear and blanket bundles so kids this Christmas can have something to call their own.

"It's a very worthwhile project," said Vonni Casey, a volunteer. "I'm also a special education with School District Two and I know how important it is to have something that's yours."

The Menace Motorcycle Club participated for the first time last year.

"Once you see a kid grab a bundle, and the look in their eyes, the thank you without words, that's enough to come back every year and do it," said Levi Mowrey, vice president of the Billings Menace Motorcycle Club.

Members raised nearly $7,000 for the group, and helped Blankets and Bears reach its target of providing gifts for 400 kids in Head Start, Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch, and Boys and Girls Club.

"Every kid wants a dream and we're all taught to dream when we're younger," Mowrey said. "It's just a way that we may be able to inspire some kid to dream bigger, see something brighter, and go for something. We can influence the next president. Who knows?"

"We care," Casey said. "It doesn't matter if it's Christmas. This will last long past Christmas. But we care. We love you."

Blankets and Bears organizers hope to help even more kids next year.