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Grocery Store Opens Clinic

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Billings Clinic opened their ExpressCare, in Albertsons between Rehberg and Grand, on the West End today.

Billings Clinic representatives said that this is a minor primary care clinic to treat illnesses like colds, pink eye, and wart removals.

They celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony to kick off their grand opening, and also new Android and Apple apps to make appointments.

Executive Director of Business Devolvement, Mike Follett, said they even put an iPad in the lobby to make appointments.

"We worked with the Albertsons team to select where the first location would be, and ultimately the utilities that came into this site set it up better for the first construction," said Follett.

Follett also said they will be adding three more Billings Clinic ExpressCares in the spring and summer of 2014.