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Toy Injuries on the Rise

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The holiday season is a time for family and celebration. Unfortunately, it can also be a time for plenty of injuries to be treated at the hospital.

A new study indicates that toy recalls are down, but toy related injuries are on the rise.

Medical Director of the St. Vincent Emergency Department, Jim Bentler, said he understands the seriousness of the situation.

"The Nerf toys have soft tips, and that sort of thing, and the amount of energy they're shot out with isn't that great, but even one of those in the eye can cause corneal abrasion or worse," said Bentler.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 265,000 toy related injuries were treated in emergency rooms in 2012, but almost half of those injuries involved injuries to the head or face of children under the age of 15.

"I remember I saw my own child put a Lego piece, a little hand of the Lego in his nose, and he actually came in here and did that," Bentler said.

But, it's not just toys causing the problems.

"You know those earth magnets are real strong magnets, and I saw a child put earth magnets in their nose on either side of their septum, and they held together inside the nose, and that was very difficult to get out," Bentler said.

Bentler said before you put a gift under the tree, make sure it's age appropriate.

Bentler mentioned BB guns are probably not the best gift idea, because he said he sees a lot of BB gun injuries in young children around the holidays.

Bentley also recommends using the right precautions, and making sure toddlers aren't playing with toys made for older children.