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SD2 Board Discusses Middle Schools

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School District Two's board met Monday night to discuss what criteria they should consider when deciding what middle school to build first.

They must decide on January 20. Board members looked at factors such as site logistics, walkability or bikeability, and demographics. They added to the list of criteria, items such as socioeconomic factors, information the board believes is necessary to make an informed decision. School officials are meeting with city leaders and other experts to get that information, and then will present it to the board at their next meeting.

"We need all the information we can get so we can make a well-rounded decision," said Lindy Graves, a SD2 board trustee. "I am not an expert in no means and with the staff and experts telling us their ideas, we'll make a better decision."

Board members encourage community members to give their opinions at two community input meetings this week. They are Tuesday at Will James Middle School and Wednesday at Castle Rock Middle School from 6 to 7:30 PM.