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Family Helped By MRM

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KULR-8's annual Spirit of Giving is this Friday. The Montana Rescue Mission is an organization that provides shelter for those in need.

Leslie and Betsy Brown were moving, but after $1,500 for a deposit was stolen from them, they no longer had a home. They stayed at the Montana Rescue Mission from August to October and saved up enough money for a new place. They say it was a scary moment, but the Montana Rescue Mission provided them with peace of mind, which helped them greatly.

"For somebody here to come out of it and I know that I can do it," said Leslie, a former resident at the shelter. "I am doing it and I'm going to continue doing it and that's what I need to teach her. Don't ever give up. You don't ever give up."

"Two is greater than one and that's what we were," said Betsy, her daughter. "It was sad that we were here but we knew that it was going to be okay because we had each other and we weren't alone."

A MRM representative says they need money to repair its women's shelter from the flooding damage a few months ago.

You can visit us on Friday to help out MRM, Billings Food Bank, and Toys for Tots. And don't forget you can drop off a toy here a KULR-8.