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Hypothermia Concerns Increase

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With temperatures falling to record lows, hypothermia has the potential to affect anyone of any age.

"Young children are particularly at risk because they convect their heat so quickly. And then the elderly are at risk. They may not feel the effects of cooling and their thermo regulation. Their body's ability to regulate their temperature may not be as efficient," said St. Vincent Healthcare family doctor, Jim Nichols.

For example, if you're out shoveling those side walks for an extended period of time, you could be a perfect candidate for hypothermia.

"You're out, you're working hard, and you're perspiring, and then you rest and you're still wet, so you have wet clothing; you cool off very quickly," said Nichols.

Being able to identify those symptoms before it's too late can make all the difference.

"Some of the early signs of hypothermia are just uncontrollable shivering or if you have a friend who suddenly is slurring their speech or acting differently in terms of behavior."

Dr. Nichols says if you experience anything like those symptoms, stop what you're doing immediately and seek medical help.