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"Not In Our Town" 20th Anniversary

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It's the 20th anniversary of "Not In Our Town" a grassroots movement which started in Billings to combat hate and racism.

In 1993, hate reached a breaking point when a brick was thrown through the bedroom window of a 6-year-old boy where he put up decorations for Chanukkah.

It was one of several incidents at the time, which included swastikas painted on a Native American family's house.

The hate crimes sparked outrage throughout billings.

"The citizens of Billings responded admirably to a whole series of hate activity, hate crimes in Billings, and because of a documentary that was made as a result of all this wonderful, civic courage, other communities around America understood that they could do something. They could fight back against hatred," says former Billings Mayor Chuck Tooley.

"We're having a big twentieth anniversary celebration tomorrow night, Wednesday at Nova Center starting at six-thirty. We are gonna screen the original documentary. There is lots of folks that have never seen the original documentary in it's entirety," says Eran Thompson, Not In Our Town.

On Wednesday night, an event will be held at the nova center to commemorate the day.

It starts at 6:30 and there will be a screening of the documentary that was part of the start of the movement.