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Christmas Lights Benefit Alzheimer's Research

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The holidays are here and one family brought back their synchronized Christmas music and light display to benefit the Alzheimer's Association.

The Kellys hope their Christmas light display will create holiday memories, and raise funds for Alzheimer's research.

"My father died of the disease and he could no longer make new memories so I just hope that this actually brings families together and makes a memory for them," said Brenda Kelly.

Every year they've set up the display, they've had a box set up outside their home to donate to the Alzheimer's Association. One year they raised $400.

They spent a year programming 72 individual light displays to synchronize to the eight different songs.

"It made me feel so good when a little girl held onto her mother's hand and went, 'mommy, the lights are dancing to the music,'" said Tom Kelly. "That made it all worth it."

It is in honor of their love for the holiday season and to honor Brenda's father.

"It's just the only thing I could think of to do for him and it's quite emotional," she said. "He was just a fun guy to be with and he never let anyone be sad. So hopefully these lights will make everyone smile just a little bit."

The family asks that if you visit to see the lights to not block neighbors' driveways. You can even listen and watch the Christmas light show from the warmth of your car by tuning your radio to 101.3 FM. They also say another alternative to donating at their home is donating at the Alzheimer's Association, located at 3010 11th Ave. N., Billings, MT.

The display starts nightly at 5 PM and goes until 10 PM on 943 Kale Drive.