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Charities Prepare for the Cold

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It's cold and you don't have a place to go. No warm bed or hot meal. What do you do? For many who find themselves in this situation, the Montana Rescue Mission provides the answer by offering a warm and safe place to sleep.

"What we do, is we go into code blue, which is emergency shelter. And we have the ability to expand our shelter floor from anywhere, five to ten guests, up to fifty guests," said MRM shelter manager, Karla Maslowski.

However, the cold can also heavily impact those who may not be able to afford the proper means of heating a home. That's where Human Resource Development Council steps in. The weatherization team offers several cheap and easy, do it yourself tips that could make a remarkable difference in the bitter cold.

"For your furnace to run efficiently, unless you have breathing allergy problems to use a special filter, spending a buck a piece on a filter and changing it out once a month, makes it a little more affordable," said HRDC Weatherization Inspector, Tony Mullen.

Mullen says windows are one of the biggest sources for allowing cold air into your home, but there is also a very cheap and effective way to fix this vulnerable spot.

"Even bubble wrap on the glass. Put the bubble side to the room and put a little water on the window first and it will stick to the window. It creates a dead air space and it insulates the glass," said Mullen.

Never use your oven to warm your house. Doing so may allow carbon monoxide into the house. Another tip, space heaters are popular and they can be used safely but just remember to be careful not tip them over or cover them. This can pose a major fire hazard.