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Daines Meets With Veterans

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The issues facing veterans take front and center stage Monday night. Representative Steve Daines visits with members of the VFW and American Legion posts to discuss those issues.

Through an informal forum, Daines briefed the group on his work in Washington, D.C. surrounding veterans' issues. Afterwards, veterans voiced their concerns and questions about the government.

"The veterans in the long run are not treated as well as they should," said Don Hurd, a VFW and American Legion member. "We have so many veterans right now that can't qualify for VA benefits and that's just plain wrong"

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, Montana has one of the highest rates of veterans per capita in the nation. Attendees asked Daines a wide range of questions from those focusing on the affordable care act to the government shutdown.

"A promise made is a promise kept and that's why we need to continue to serve our veterans and here their specific concerns to navigate through the bureaucracies in Washington, to stand up for what they need because they stood up for our country," Daines said.

The veterans from VFW and American Legion posts in Billings are pushing to make changes.

"Why do we fight for veterans rights?" Hurd said. "Because without veterans there would not be America. It's that simple. When we see veterans being mistreated or not being helped in their time of need, it really gets to us and we need to do something. We just have to help our veterans."

Hurd encourages all veterans to continue talking to politicians to get their concerns heard.