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Pennsylvania Family Continues a Montana Tradition

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Hunting season is almost over, and that means thousands of hunters will be traveling home.

But some of those hunters won't be driving; they'll be flying back home with their kill.

For over 25 years, a family in Pennsylvania travels thousands of miles to hunt in Montana.

Pennsylvania Resident, Lonnie Ritenour said, "The group here is mostly all family and we all get along and this is our family vacation."

This year was special because 16-year-old Seth Bruner shot his first elk.

"It's a pretty big deal because there's no elk around or Mule Deer where I live, just White-tailed Deer basically," Bruner said.

Then they have to get their rewards home. Ritenour said they use insulated boxes to fly 400 pounds of meat.

"We just take it to the processors, and they do all the butchering and stuff and then they package it in and put it in insulated coolers for us and we take it to the airport and get on the plane," said Ritenour.

But this hobby isn't cheap, it can cost up to $185 per person to fly all their gear and meat.

If you're a successful hunter like Seth, Delta Airlines will charge you $150 for animal antlers, and with bags, that can add up pretty fast.

"But 400 pounds of meat divided by 11 guys that isn't much," said Ritenour.

Ritenour said the meat should last up to 6 or 7 months.

A spokesman from the Montana Fish and Wildlife, and Parks says that they've sold 151,533 resident elk licenses so far for this year.

That's up more than 4,407 from last year.