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Moss Mansion Tradition Continues

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Christmas is one month away, and the halls of the Moss Mansion are already decked with boughs of holly.

This tradition has been going on for nearly 10 years, and today they let us come inside for their holiday tour.

This is one of the hottest events all season, and Billings Preservation Society Executive Director, Jenna Richter, said she looks forward to it all year.

"This is an annual tradition that we do here where we find 17 non-profit organizations that come in. They plan and think all year long, and they put together spectacular trees for the community to come and see," said Richter.

Volunteer Isabella Whitworth said each of the 17 trees represents a different fairytale through out the years.

"So as you're going through the hall, instead of just looking at all the cool artifacts, you're learning about the family, and you also get the little added touch of the Christmas trees," said Whitworth.

Richter said 17 out of the 28 rooms have a tree decorated by a local non-profit, or businesses.

"Last year the Girl Scouts won with a fabulous Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and they're back in action again with Little Red Riding Hood," said Richter.

Local groups like Girl Scouts, ZooMontana, and YMCA all put together a tree to showcase in a room.

Richter said after the tour you can vote on your favorite tree.

"So the winning tree that is the most popular tree voted by the community, wins one hundred fifty dollars, as does the tree that has the best theme interpretation," said Richter.

Richter said the Moss Mansion is a great place to go for the holidays.