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Lost Assassination Films

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The Kennedy assassination has been called the greatest murder mystery of our time, and hidden JFK films have turned up in Wyoming. Penny Preston examined what those films tell us about the murder mystery.

Lee Harvey Oswald's Mother, Marguerite Oswald, told a reporter in 1964, "I feel like if Lee Harvey Oswald had killed the president, it would have been for a reason. He would have said, ‘Yes I killed him', and he would have said, ‘why?' He would have bragged about it."

The excerpt came from the film collected and stashed by Dallas TV photographer, Roy Cooper. His son gave Penny Preston a copy of some of the film after Roy died, because she was Roy's boss at KTVT and friend in the late eighties.

Preston interviewed former television reporter Dave Naugle in 1996. Naugle said, "Her theories were something akin, they were varied. Akin to he did not act alone. That he was probably involved with the CIA or the FBI, or in some case with some spy organization."

Oswald was caught at a small theatre in Oak Cliff, blocks from where Penny Preston lived as a ten-year-old child.

In the eighties, Preston's boss at KTVT told her he knew Oswald's assassin, Jack Ruby. He described the strip club owner as a violent man, who would hit people from behind with a black jack.

Ruby was tried for Oswald's murder, and represented by a confident Melvin Belli. In spite of Belli's self-confidence before the trial went to the jury, Ruby was convicted and sentenced to death. He asked to talk to the Warren Commission, and begged to go to Washington to tell what he knew before he died of natural causes in Parkland Hospital.

The man who interviewed Oswald's mother many times says he didn't take her seriously then. But decades later, he said, "And I believe she may have more insight into it than we may have given her credit for."

Jack Ruby was known to have crime connections. Some conspiracy theorists think New Orleans mob boss Carlos Marcello had Kennedy killed. The mystery continues.