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SD2 Admin Resigns Amid Police Investigation

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A SD2 administrator resigned on Monday after allegations that she stole from the school district.

Billings Police Department received a tip on November 8th that led them to First National Pawn to investigate stolen electronics from SD2 that were sold to the pawn shop. The investigation led them to Dulce Whitford, the SD2 Director of Indian Education for All. Whitford is accused of taking electronics including a Chromebook and selling them to the local pawn shop.

Superintendent Terry Bouck says Whitford was placed on leave last week amid the investigation but resigned from the position Monday. As the director of Indian Education for All, Whitford would oversee all Indian education programs and activities through the school district and was paid a salary that's more than $94,000. Whitford worked with the school district since 2009.

Whitford hasn't been charged yet. The Billings Police is still investigating but says Whitford could be charged with theft and unsworn falsification, both are misdemeanors.