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Property Taxes Too Much?

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Have you ever been over-charged at the store or when you go out to eat? Perhaps an item gets counted twice, or an extra soda gets punched into your order. Mistakes are made at every level, even at the Department of Revenue. So, what do you do when you're being taxed too much on your property?

Two things are certain in life, and that's death and taxes. As there are doctors for patients, there's an appeal board for property owners. Yellowstone County Appeal Board Chairman, Ted Cross, says that if you feel you're being overtaxed, there's local relief. "The board is looking for anomalies. We're looking for situations where the taxpayer has been over appraised, because there is something strange the Department of Revenue doesn't recognize," Cross said.

Every six years the Montana Department of Revenue will come and appraise your home. They look for things like paint, the neighborhood, but you're not obligated to show them what's inside. If you feel like the appraiser's value is too high, you can request an AB-26 Review where your property is reappraised, or you can go before the local board. "I think the board is very accommodating. In fact, the Department of Revenue comes before the board as well. They defend their position. They are extremely professional," Cross said.

But, what if you're still not satisfied with the results? "If the taxpayer, or the Department of Revenue doesn't agree with what we decide. They have the opportunity to go to the State Tax Appeal Board," Cross said.

Cross said taxpayers have passed the 30-day deadline to appeal to value of their assessed properties, which was last done in 2008. If you would still like to appeal, you can do so between the first of the year and the first Monday in June.

Cross says all properties: agricultural, private and commercial, will be re-appraised in 2014.