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Learning How to Ski or Snowboard

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Winter is more than a month away, but some ski resorts have already opened it's doors. If you've ever wanted to learn how to ski or board, you're in luck. Here are some tips for the best way to go about learning the sports.

Montana is well known for its ski resorts. From Big Sky to Red Lodge, tourists come from out of town to experience the Treasure State's terrain.

"It's great exercise. I mean, we live in Montana. It's Winter. And why not have something that's really fun and good for you, and it's always awesome to be in the mountains," says Scott Kinne, Owner of The Ski Station.

But for someone new to the sport, skiing and snowboarding can be quite intimidating. First, choose the sport you want to try.

"Quite honestly, it's probably maybe just a little bit to start skiing if you've done neither activity because you can, you're standing on two feet, you can kind of walk around on skis," says Kinne.

But that all depends on your athleticism and your interest level. Once you've decided on the sport, opt to rent rather than buy equipment.

"That renting experience whether it is for skiing or snowboarding is really a great way to test the waters."

And renting from a shop further away from the mountain usually means better prices. Be ready to bring a friend along who's willing to help you learn, or pick up a lesson at the resort.

"How to pick yourself up off the snow and how to get on and off the chair lift are great things to know and the ski schools will really do a good job at teaching you that."

And make sure you're suited up for safety. Check your bindings before you jump on the ski lift. And wearing a helmet can help you stay injury free.

Red Lodge has a base of at least 40 inches of snow and is set to open on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.