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Crepes a Popular Treat at Rimrock Mall

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A local company is doing its part to help make Billings residents just a bit sweeter.

Crepe Diem just opened its first store in Rimrock Mall two weeks ago. The owners say it is one of a kind, as it's the only place to purchase homemade, gourmet crepes in the Magic City.

But if you want in on some of the deliciousness, you only have a limited time. Crepe Diem owners are leasing the space in Rimrock Mall only through January.

"We're scared to have a real restaurant, even though all of our customers have demanded, ‘get a restaurant, get a place.' So we're just doing it for the holiday period, and the mall's been nice enough to let us use this space," said owner, Mo Bain.

Once the holidays are over, Crepe Diem will move to booths you can find downtown at the farmers markets.