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Insurance Debacle Continues

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The aftermath of Obama's proposed fix to a broken and complicated roll out of the Affordable Care Act, is leaving confusion in the minds of many.

The president unveiled his plan to allow you to keep your current insurance coverage for another year and you also have the option to re-enroll in your plan if you were dropped. A spokesperson for the largest insurance provider in Montana spoke out about the changes.

"I want to make one thing clear, Blue Cross Blue Shield members were not dropped from their coverage. Plans that didn't meet 2014 standards were being discontinued, but those same people were being migrated to new plans that, A - most closely matched their existing policies and, B - met the minimum essential benefits under the new federal health standards in 2014," said John Doran.

Doran also says BCBS is still determining what plans will look like for individuals in 2013. However, Doran says if Blue Cross Blue Shield does decide to continue offering plans next year, the insurer has not yet had time to figure out the rate.