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Youth Group Shops for MRM Shelter

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A church youth group set out for Shipton's Wednesday night to help out those less fortunate. First Alliance Church spent $800 buying winter necessities for the Montana Rescue Mission's men's shelter.

The youth group split up into smaller groups to tackle buying items from the list. But for one girl, it's more than just a shopping trip.

"It means the world to me to know that I can help somebody that needs my help," said Kailee Stoppel, a member of the youth group. "It means like so much to me"

Kailee says it's important to help out members of the community.

"I just feel like it's the right thing to do considering that my parents do a lot for me," Kailee said. "I think it's expected of me that shows that they raised me the right way"

The kids are using some proceeds from the church's pumpkin patch and also from a free will offering to purchase the items.

"I think it shows a sacrifice on their part," said Kirk Osterdyk, the youth coordinator. "You know we talked about it before we came over why we're doing this and hopefully they'll catch on to that as they grow into adulthood and that becomes part of their life."

The youth group will deliver the items to the rescue shelter and they hope it will bring holiday cheer.

"I hope that they get an understanding of why we're doing it and they understand that there's other people that love them too," Kailee said.

Shipton's also helped out. It provided the shoppers with a 10% discount.