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Mannheim Steamroller Partners with Local Organization

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The professional group Mannheim Steamroller hasn't been here for 5 years, and they're coming to town to do a show with the Billings Symphony Orchestra & Chorale.

The Billings Symphony Orchestra & Chorale has over 70 members who are professional musicians, and when Mannheim Steamroller came in the picture, nine of them were asked join the concert.

"They're called Mannheim Steamrollers because centuries ago there was a musical effect called the Mannheim rocket which was a zooooom - zooooom," Fenderson said."

Mark Fenderson moved here 6 years ago, and has been in the orchestra as long as he's been in Billings.

Billings Symphony Orchestra & Corale Executive Director, Darren Rich said, "Mark Fenderson is a very talented trumpet player. He's been a great asset for the symphony. He's very talented musician and just a warm individual too."

Fenderson even sat down to teach the song Jingle Bells to me, and said he wasn't quite sure if I was ready for the symphony yet.

Not only was Fenderson selected to play with the group Mannheim Steamroller, but he would listen to their CD every Christmas season.

"When we trimmed the trees at Christmas time that's the CD that we always played when we trimmed the tree," Fenderson said.

Rich said it's a special opportunity to be able to play with a big named national tour.

"And so all these years later I get to play with that group that has been part of our family tradition for years," Fenderson said.

Fenderson said his favorite part is connecting with the CD that was part of his Christmas tradition.

Mannheim Steamroller is playing with the Billings Symphony and Chorale Thursday night in Gillette, and this November 16th at Metrapark.