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Who Killed Kim? Part Three: The Investigation

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POPLAR, Mont. -

While going over the reams of documents in this case with a fine tooth comb, one comes to realize the people directly involved in the investigation into the murder of Kimberly Ann Nees freely admitted numerous mistakes occurred.

Even the prosecutor in the case said many pieces of critical physical evidence were either mishandled, lost, or contaminated.

Now, the investigation in part three of "Poplar: Who Killed Kim?"

The investigation into the murder of Kimberly Ann Nees was, from the very beginning, a nightmare.

Poplar police, the FBI, Roosevelt County sheriff's office, the Bureau of Indian Affairs and tribal police were all involved.

And in 1979, it seems those investigators managed to corrupt the entire crime scene, destroy key evidence and render additional evidence useless. Even the county sheriff admitted "scientific evidence was contaminated."

"Evidence mishandled."

"Improper law enforcement procedures" occurred.

"A lot of mistakes made in the investigation."

"No one in charge at the crime scene."

"Much of the evidence went unprotected."

"Footprint evidence improperly handled."

"Photographs taken were inadequate"

Early on there were 12 suspects and the more than two dozen fingerprints collected at the crime scene didn't, or couldn't, match a one.

And then, as in all small towns, the rumors began.

Maybe it was her boyfriend, Greg Norgaard.

He was the prime suspect from the very beginning. He was dating Kim Nees at the time of her murder.

In fact, he says he took her out to the drive in movies that night, brought her home about midnight, went back out drinking until about two o'clock in the morning, came home and when he noticed Kim's truck wasn't in the driveway says he went out looking for her but couldn't find her. He declined to be interviewed. Kim Nees' best friend, Billy McClammy, Greg Norgaard's wife, also said no to an interview request."

And then there were rumors about three girls, one of whom was said to have been jealous and angry after Kim had gone out with the father of her child the night before the murder.

Those rumors intensified after the local paper reported this man, Stevie Grayhawk, the father of one of the three girls under suspicion, allegedly broke into the police evidence room a day or two after the murder. Grayhawk was a policeman at the time, in Poplar.

"how did the thing get started that you broke into the evidence room? That is what I'd like to know. That is the part who the hell said it because if I find whoever said it I'll go to court with whoever said it. I would love to go to court with that person and make them prove every bit of it. Put him on a lie detector, put him because when I saw what I read in the paper I was shocked."

Stevie Grayhawk never sued anyone for saying he broke into the police evidence room -- including the local newspaper that reported it.

Sissy Atkinson was also investigated as a possible suspect.

She has always claimed she was in bed at 11 PM hours before Kim was killed.

But remember Dun O'Connor who said Sissy called him at 5am, two hours before police knew anything about the murder.

"She told me Kim's body had been found down by the train bridge. She's dead."

Sissy wanted nothing to do with me or my request for an interview, and sent me a message the second time I tried to meet with her.

Over the years three people, including her own brother, said Sissy had implicated herself in the death of Kim Nees.

JoAnn Jackson is another member of those three girls investigated by police. She told Dateline the same story Sissy had, she was in bed that murderous night, at 11 o'clock.

And this woman, Jordis Ferguson, was investigated as a possible witness to Kim's murder. She ran as fast as she could the moment I asked if she would agree to an interview.

So, in large part, because of law enforcement mistakes, a crime scene seemingly so rich in clues, is rendered clueless and the search for Kim's killer, goes stone cold.

But almost four years later, a shocking development.

That story Wednesday, only on the KULR-8 news at 10PM.

It should be noted: Sissy Atkinson has said she never called Dun O'connor at 5am saying anything about Kim Nees body.