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Veterans Awarded with a Lounge

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Military veteran students have a new place to relax and study at MSU Billings, thanks to the Montana legislature.

On Tuesday, the veteran students were honored with a new lounge, so they have a common ground with other students. The state legislature provided $1 Million to state colleges and universities. MSU-B Vet Club President, Lou Lacy, said he's glad nearly $150,000 was allocated to MSU Billings and City College. "We were a family in the service, and it's the greatest family you could ever be a part of. So, the lounge brings people back together. It gives them a place where they can actually relax and bond again with their fellow vets," Lacy said.

Lacy said the new lounge was equipped with leather recliners, four x-boxes, a computer, and a table and chairs for study space. Another lounge for vets was dedicated to City College campus on September 11th.