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Veterans Day Celebrated

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It's a day to honor those who sacrifice everything to ensure all Americans remain free and safe. It's one of the places where local vets were honored, remembered, and acknowledged for their service.

Everything from laughter to tears filled the air as veterans spoke of their service, and they thanked the community for showing support. Whether you have a friend or family member who has served, Veterans Day is just a reminder veterans should be honored, not once, but throughout the year.

It was standing-room only at MetraPark, as veterans from every war came together to remember their service. Retired soldiers like Master Sergeant Gordon Ewell said even though he lost an eye, part of his hearing, and could not eat solid foods for nearly four years after experiencing several explosions, he doesn't regret his years of service. "I've had bad hair days, I've shook my fist, and cussed a little bit. But, at the end of the day I would still be honored, and I'd say, 'pick me,'" Ewell said.

Legion Post 117 Chaplain, Sue Davidson, said Veterans Day is a time to remember all soldiers. "It doesn't matter if they were on the front line, behind the line, or here in the states. They all raised their hand against all enemies foreign and domestic," Davidson said.

Billings Mayor Tom Hanel said we should honor veterans, like his father, at every opportunity. "Yes Veterans Day may come around once a year, but we need to remember it every day of the year, and we need to pray for veterans every chance we get," Mayor Hanel said.

On Monday, not only were veterans from every war honored for their service, but Big Sky Honor Flight committee members were acknowledge for all their patriotic service to help WWII veterans visit their memorial in Washington, D.C.