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Farm Bureau Federation’s Annual Convention

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Farmers from all around the state came to Billings for the Montana Farm Bureau Federation's 94th Annual Convention, and the biggest concern is Congress passing the farm bill.

More than 400 Farm Bureau members came to attend workshops from top national speakers.

The Chief Economist for the American Farm Bureau Federation, Bob Young flew in from Washington D.C.

"Farm Bureau is a grassroots organization. The policies that we lobbed for in Washington D.C.,  we don't make up on our own. Folks in the room, and other rooms just like it across the country," said Young.

Young said he wants to get a safety net in place for farmers and ranchers.

"The biggest issue is that we're right on the middle of a discussion on the farm bill writing a new farm law for the United States will provide support on a safety net for U.S. Agriculture for the course of the next 5 years."

The president of the Montana Farm Bureau Federation, Bob Hanson said there's no insurance on livestock or disaster in play right now.

"The biggest problem that probably hurts us is the lack of decision on their part that we're kind of treading in an unknown business side of things," said Hanson.

Hanson also said they will vote on their 2014 agriculture policy which will include

a tax policy, property rights, and grazing issues.

Attendees continue to hope the FARRM bill will be passed before Christmas.