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SD2 Meeting for Book Removal Request

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A group of Billings parents are asking for a book to be removed from the Skyview 10th grade reading list.

It's called, The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian. A few parents say the book does nothing to educate children about the positives in Native American culture.

But American Civil Liberties Union Advocates say the novel demonstrates the characters' struggles are still relevant today.

"This really is an issue of intellectual freedom, and allowing people the ability to develop opinions of what they're reading on their own. In the case of a high school, it's under the guidance of a teacher, who is walking them through it in a critical way, that's part of a learning environment," said Liz Welch, ACLU Advocacy Coordinator.

"We're not banning the book, we just would like it removed from required reading. If they want to keep it in the English class or the library, we're not book banners, we don't want to burn the book, we would just like to be made aware," said concerned parent, Gail Supola.

Gail Supola will be among a group of parents meeting with an ad hoc committee tomorrow to ask to have the book removed from the reading list.