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Holiday Revenue is Up

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The holiday shopping season is here, and store employees are bracing for the excitement. This year, Rimrock Mall's General Manager said they are expecting a record turnout.

Kendall Kavlie, Rimrock Mall General Manager, says that before you know it, it will be time to open presents with your loved ones.

"We like to refer to it as the Super Bowl of shopping. It absolutely is a big time of the year for our retailers. Many of our retailers will do about 25% of their business in the 2 month period," said Kavlie.

Nancy Fisher, Riddle's Jewelry Sales Associate, said November and December are their biggest months.

"We're seeing a lot more sales already just since November has started than we did last year," Fisher said.

Fisher said they sell between $1,500 to $2,000 necklaces for the holiday season.

"A lot of our customers that come in, they don't necessarily know a ring size or a style that their person likes. A lot of people don't have pierced ears, so necklaces seem to be the go to gift," said Fisher. says they're expecting the November and December sales to grow from 13 to 15% from the last years holiday season, which could be close to $82 billion.

This year the National Retail Federation said that retailers would hire between 720,000 to 780,000 seasonal employees, that's up 60,000 workers from last year.