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Billings Shows Appreciation To Veterans

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The Veterans Day ceremony held at MetraPark, has been an ongoing tradition for well over a decade; something small, but something making a difference.

"People often confuse Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Memorial Day is when we honor our dead and Veterans Day is when we celebrate our service and celebrate serving with each other as veterans," said American Legion Commander, George Blackard.

The Billings community has already come together to start celebrating Veterans Day, with events like the Courts Assisting Military Offenders luncheon; which assists vets who have been released from the military with felonies or misdemeanors.

"We have about twenty seven participants right now, and they stay in the program anywhere between a year and eighteen months," said district court judge, Hon. Mary Jane Knisely.

The lunch also provides an opportunity for local area vets to become mentors in the program. "We actually have some of our veteran core clients here, but we've had a lot of guests today as we're trying to recruit mentors," said Knisely.

Gatherings such as the luncheon and the ceremony scheduled for Veterans Day, often bring a sense of appreciation to the soldiers.

"It's been really awesome, there's lots of stuff around the community that I've noticed and I've gotten appreciation for," said local veteran, Clay Bentley.

"This past couple years, it's just kind of going to events like this, it just kind of makes me more proud of what I have done and what I have accomplished in the marine cops," said Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran, Ervin Beston.