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Organizations Looking for Thanksgiving Volunteers

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Thanksgiving is a couple of weeks away, and some people will need a place to go for Thanksgiving dinner.

That's why local organizations are looking for volunteers to prepare and serve that Thanksgiving meal.

Patrick Price, a cook at the Montana Rescue Mission said, "I get far more out of this than they do. You know were so blessed to be able to do it for people. Just to be able to help them out, feed them, talk to them."

Price said the Rescue Mission needs volunteers to help serve on Thanksgiving.

"If you're interested in volunteering, try it out! You're not going to be disappointed with your experience," said Price.

Price said last year they had around 90 volunteers that helped serve 600 pounds of food, but this year they're expecting 700 pounds, and need your help."

The Rescue Mission is not the only place looking for Thanksgiving volunteers. Billings Food Bank employee, Felicia Lehman, said they need help with packing and sorting boxes.

"We help families get Thanksgiving boxes. They have turkeys in them, stuffing, and potatoes, cranberries, all of the fixings, and we try to help as many families as possible," said Lehman.

Lehman said families come in to teach their kids strong values.

"The families come in with their kids. They take this time to teach their kids to help other people in the community, and they have a good time," said Lehman.

Lehman said they have 1,000 thanksgiving boxes to pack, and will start in two weeks.

If you're interested in volunteering at the Billings Food Bank they need help Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM.

The Montana Rescues Mission is looking for volunteers who can prep meals before Thanksgiving, and holiday drivers to deliver the food.

Employees also say it's a great opportunity for families to do something together.