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Energy Expo Wraps Up Thursday

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An energy expo wrapped up at the Montana Convention Center today. The "Today's Resources Advancing Community", or TRAC, Energy Expo was held this week. The Expo brought together many energy-related businesses in the region to interact and learn to work together in the Bakken. One of the topics of discussion was the impact of new regulations on the coal industry.

"It's gonna increase cost of production in the Bakken," says Eric Sharpe of the magazine Energy Ink. "It's gonna increase a variety of price factors along many industries in the Bakken. It could very well affect production."

"We need to work on making sure that both parties, the coal industry and the regulatory agencies, come together and work on an issue that can be a win-win for everybody," said Greg Kohn, a representative of Count on coal Montana.

People in the coal industry are concerned the regulations will adversely affect coal-fired power plants, like the one in Colstrip, as well as the economies of states that export coal.