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Bazaar to Raise Money for Charities

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If you're looking to start your holiday shopping, and want to help some local charities, you're in luck. The annual Billings Best Holiday Bazaar is this November 9th and 10th. Many non-profit organizations will be selling a wide variety of gift items, like jewelry, blankets, and chocolates.

Organizer Heidi Wheaton says, "I can't even... I cannot express how much working with the Shriners and just being a part of that... A part of... From the parent side and a part of being able to help them raise money. I can't even tell you how wonderful they are to work with."

The Bazaar will be at the Shriners Auditorium at 1125 Broadwater Ave. in Billings. It will run from 10 AM to 6 PM on the 9th, and from noon to 4 PM on the 10th. You can drop off items to donate starting at 5 AM on the 9th at the Shriners Auditorium. All donations are tax-deductible.