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Exercising in Winter Weather

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Just because it's starting to turn cold doesn't mean you can't exercise outdoors.

If you plan on working out in the cold, you should know these tips.

Sports Medicine Associate, Mark Johnston said to dress in layers and to protect your ears, hands, and feet.

Johnston also said to check the wind chill before you go outdoors because anything that dips below 0 degrees is extreme.

"The wind can always shift directions in Montana. It doesn't always start one way and end the other. So you want to really limit your exposure as much as possible, especially when the winter chill is really low," said Johnston.

Johnston said the wind chill can lower your body temperature if you don't have adequate skin coverage.

He also said to run in the sunlight between 10 AM to 3 PM.

If you have any medical condition like asthma or heart problems you should check with your doctor first.