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Bouck Reveals District Plans

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It's been a long time in the making, preparations and strategies set in place by School District 2 officials to make sure the $122 Million bond on Tuesday's ballot would pass.

Well it did pass, but now the question on everyone's mind is, when will changes to local schools be made? And maybe more importantly, what changes will be made?

School District 2 Superintendent, Terry Bouck, and SD2's Facilities Executive Director, Lew Anderson, say Billings voters can expect to see their money put to work soon. In fact, work has already been done and it has not even been 24 hours since polls have closed.

"This morning we spent about five hours with A&E Architects as well as Lew and my administrative team. And what we're doing, is we're planning out and putting together a timeline and plan," said Bouck in an interview with KULR-8's Kyle Benton.

Right now, school officials are discussing which of the two new middle schools is to be built first; the one on 56th and Grand Avenue or the other one off of Bench Boulevard in the heights. Also in the works, a maintenance schedule for 23 of the K-8 schools in the district.

"We have a number of schools, in fact five that come to mind, that will be getting an upgrade as far as their power distribution and their capacity," said Anderson.

Miles, Central Heights, Bitterroot, Alkali Creek and Big Sky elementary schools are the five that will see those electrical upgrades and some as soon as this year.

"We will peck away at whatever we can during breaks. Any projects that doesn't impact kids, we're going to be looking at that," said Anderson.

With the majority of upgrades and building coming this summer, Superintendent Bouck sees only a very bright future ahead.

"My vision for 2014 is to have the best quality education for all our kids, along with a lot of excitement in terms of building and fixing up our schools. It's going to be a wonderful year."

Two major remodels including new buildings and fully renovated basements are currently being scheduled for both Broadwater and McKinley Elementary.