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Justified Shooting

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The jury at the coroner's inquest determined Billings Police Officer Dave Punt was justified in shooting and killed 29-year-old Daniel Brawley following a burglary and police stand off.

The two day coroner's inquest called 15 witnesses to the stand, including several officers who responded to the call and the doctor who determined Brawley's death.

On January 6th, 2013, Billings Police responded to a burglary in progress involving Daniel Brawley and wife Heather Brawley, who were arrested following the stand off. Police then say Daniel Brawley was able to slip a hand out of the flex cuffs, crawl through the partition, and drive off with the police car, hitting Officer Punt. Punt then fired nine shots at his patrol car, which Brawley took control of, hitting and killing Brawley.

"As a patrol vehicle was driving away, I distinctly remember, in my head something clicked when I saw the rear of the patrol car, you can read police patrol in blue letters on it, and when I saw those letters, it clicked that he was driving away," said Officer Punt.

"My office makes it a point, when you have an officer involved shooting, to go and get all the facts. And I applaud the Billings Police Department Investigations division for putting a remarkable file," said Scott Twito, Yellowstone County District Attorney. "What we wanted to present to this coroner's jury is the facts. The facts of exactly what happened on January 6th, 2013, and that's what we did."

Heather Brawley plead guilty to burglary last month.