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Found Couple Returns Home

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A Wisconsin couple who had gone missing in Wyoming is back home after surviving nearly a week stranded in the car in the snow. Rena Sarigianopoulus from our Wisconsin affiliate KARE was there when the couple arrived and has the story.

"I am very excited. I'm just butterflies in my stomach and I can't help how excited I am right now," says Mindy Webb, Kristine's sister.

You'll forgive the Webb Family for being a little on edge.

"Just so nerve wracking waiting for them."

After all, they've been waiting 6 days for the moment that is about to happen.

"It was needed to be here."

The Webb's daughter Kristine and her husband Mark Wathke went missing last week in Wyoming.

They were trapped in their car in sub-zero temperatures living on peanut butter, jelly and cookies until a rancher finally found them.

"To get that call Monday morning and hear the voice on the other end. You hear the phrase words can't express...but now I really understand that," says Greg Wathke, Mark's brother.

Mark's family made the trip to Minneapolis St.Paul airport to be here for the big moment too.

All that waiting and praying is about to pay off.

"I can't believe I'm happy to see that face."

The Wathke's have been through a lot in the last 6 days.

From the fear of being lost, not knowing if you'll eve be found to the joy of knowing just how much you are loved and by how many.

"I didn't think I was ever going to see him again. The good Lord did come through for us."

If you're wondering why the big questions about the Wathke's six days lost in the snow were not asked -- Kristine told us they couldn't talk because of "rules" that were part of an agreement they made with a network.